How To Tell If Your Engagement Ring Is Real Or Fake

When it comes to the engagement for your wedding proposal, it is the happiest moment to everyone. For the engagement, the diamond rings are very popular and it is the tradition of wearing a diamond ring in several countries. When it comes to the diamond engagement rings, they are too expensive and not all the persons can bear it. This is why nowadays the artificial or synthetic diamonds coming currently in the market to fix in your gold or platinum engagement rings. Such artificial diamond stones can just look like the original diamond stones with the similar cuts and structures.

How artificial engagement diamond rings made?

In order to make the engagement ring with the diamond stones, the manufactures are creating the synthetic or artificial diamond stones in the lab using the different physical and chemical processes. These artificial stones just resemble the natural diamonds and cannot easily find the differences by your eyes due to the exact similarities. But at the same time, the artificial engagement rings with the synthetic diamond stones usually differ in the 3 dimensional crystal compositions while compared to the natural stones which include the natural 3 dimensional crystalline structures.

These manmade diamond stones for your engagement rings can also know by the several other names such as manufactured, artificial, industrial and cultured diamonds. In the labs, the technicians are using a unique technique to grow the diamonds in order to produce the gems which are most identical to the natural diamond stones. Whenever you are going to the synthetic or artificial diamonds, they are usually 30 to 40 % cheaper than the natural diamond engagement rings. The technicians in the lab usually take a matter of months to produce such artificial diamond stones to make the artificial engagement rings.

Benefits of the artificial engagement rings:

  • The major difference between the real diamond stone and the artificial diamond stone is a type of production.

  • The artificial or synthetic version of diamond is in fact made by the technological process whereas the natural diamond is created naturally by the geological process.

  • The artificial diamonds are also known as the HPHT diamonds or CVD diamonds which are decided as per the production process in the lab.

  • When you are considering the HPHT, then it is actually an original process of growing the diamonds in the laboratory. If you are willing to buy such kinds of artificial diamonds in your engagement rings, it is quite energy intensive so that somewhat expensive.

  • Another option is CVD which stands for Chemical Vapor Deposition which is the newer process used by the technicians in the lab. By this process, the gems are grown in only the smaller pressurized chamber where the vaporized carbon is being used for this growth of artificial diamonds around the seed crystal.

  • As compared to the HPHT diamonds, these CVD diamonds are much cheaper options for your engagement rings. But it is slightly in pronounced yellow color. But the lab technicians are doing many further treatments to make it whiter for the customers.

Both these CVD and HPHT artificial diamonds are most suitable choices for your engagement rings when the brides and grooms are searching for the budget rings but similar to the diamond stones. According to the requirements of the different customers, both these diamonds can be found in the various colors such as yellow, clear white, green, brown, pink and also orange.

How to pick your engagement ring with artificial diamonds?

Those guys who are all searching for the budget engagement ring for your fiancé can go for the artificial engagement ring with the artificial diamond stones. Even though the artificial diamonds are grown in the lab by the scientists, they absolutely look like the real diamonds in your rings. They perfectly display the same optical and chemical properties s the natural diamonds. This is why the artificial engagement rings are the best choice for the budget buyers. The following are some of the best things about the artificial diamonds which could be found even by the normal wearers. They include,

  • Classic round lab grown diamonds in the fancy colors and shapes

  • Artificial diamonds with the natural accents

  • Impossible to differentiate from the natural diamonds

  • Attractive & affordable prices

  • Flawless cuts

These five points are the main impressive things about the artificial engagement rings with the artificial diamonds. It is really very hard to find whether it is the natural or artificial diamond stone on your engagement rings. Once you have decided to buy the diamond rings for your engagement within the limited budget, you can go with this option from the popular jewelers.

How artificial diamond engagement rings are the best alternative?

When a marriage proposal on the day of getting engaged with your loveable person is on your mind now, you have the best option of buying the synthetic or artificial diamond ring for your fiancé. When it comes to the engagement, diamond ring is an ideal choice but not all people can bear the expenses. This is why currently synthetic diamonds are in the market to provide the best alternative to the natural diamond engagement rings. They are just similar to the natural diamond stones and you can’t find the differences between them.

Wearing a ring to your fiancé is just the symbol of promise to marry within the particular period. It is not only the promise but it is a symbol of love to tell I Love You to your fiancé. Once you have decided to purchase the synthetic engagement ring, first of all you should need to pick the top rated and leading jeweler who is an expert in providing such kinds of engagement rings. Now days, it is also a trend of searching white or different colored engagement rings at the online jewelry shops where you can find the variety of rings for the inexpensive prices.

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